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Collecting Contemporary Art

Lindemann, Adam
Cologne: Taschen

Adam Lindemann’s second foray into authorship, and driven by his experience and passion for collecting, Collecting Contemporary Art seeks to provide the reader with a comprehensive look into every nook and cranny of the contemporary art market; from explaining the “ABC’s” of buying art in primary and secondary markets, auctions, and art fairs, as well as providing an overview of the world art scene and its social circles. Aside from its general introduction into all aspects of the contemporary art market, the book’s main body is comprised by a series of interviews made with individuals that Lindemann has singled out as the biggest players in the global art market. Each of the 40 interviews can be found within one of seven categories Lindemann has devised based on the role of the interviewee: The Artist (p 22), The Art Critic (p 24-26), The Art Dealer (p 30-118), The Art Consultant (p 122-148), The collector (p 152-212), The Auction House Expert (p 218-232) and The Museum Professional: Directors and Curators (p 238-266). Rounding up the book is a section called “More Useful Information”, meant to address the several dilemmas that will be faced by the reader in his role of “new collector”. The last section covers essential and practical information, such as explaining the difference between an art gallery, the auction house and the art fair; a calendar detailing the art world’s most important annual events, a glossary of terms, and a list of essential magazines and websites.

Magdalena Aleman