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Commissioning Contemporary Art

Buck, Louisa
McClean, Daniel
Thames and Hudson: London

Commissioning Contemporary Art is a well-constructed how-to describing the incredibly varied and often problematic practice of commissioning. Co-written by art critic Louisa Buck and art lawyer Daniel McClean, the handbook combines their areas of expertise and incorporates opinions and experiences from a diverse range of industry experts; including artists, curators, and museum directors such as Hans Ulrich Obrist, Sir Nicolas Serota, and Christine Van Assche. Commissions are a complex practice and therefore can incur high risks. In this handbook, Buck and McClean cite many examples of commissions, set up a step-by-step guide and include encompassing perspectives from all concerned parties. They not only explicate the distinct aspects in great detail, but they also discuss the motivation and tradition behind commissioning practice. From beginning to end, the handbook offers valuable insight and advice to any artist, curator or collector who wishes to be involved in the creation of new art through the popular practice of commissioning.

Shelby Lakins